Our agreement

1. We agree to:

1.1 List your business on the Tobooka Guide

1.2 Send the Tobooka Guide to all holidaycottages.co.uk groups visiting North Devon in order to promote your business

1.3 Keep the Tobooka Guide as updated as reasonably possible with the relevant content and imagery


2. Any payments made to Tobooka, whether it be in the form of a deposit to secure a place in the Tobooka Guide or a recurring payment, are non-refundable.


3. You may cancel your subscription to the Tobooka Guide by sending an email to Tobooka at support@tobooka.co.uk expressing your intent to cancel.

4. Your subscription will be cancelled and your listing removed from the Tobooka Guide 30 days after your email to Tobooka was received unless in the following instance:

4.1. If a recurring payment is scheduled to fall within the 30 days after giving your notice of cancellation to Tobooka, it will be taken as usual and will constitute your final payment. You will remain listed on the Tobooka Guide until 30 days after this payment is made.

5. Any payments made prior to, or within 30 days of, giving notice of cancellation are non-refundable.

6. In the event of dispute over a cancellation date, your subscription will be cancelled 30 days after us first becoming aware of your intent to cancel unless you can provide evidence that you sent an email in accordance with section 3 of these terms and conditions, in which case, your cancellation date will be set to 30 days after the date the email was sent and any payments that were taken after your cancellation date will be refunded in full.